Customer Testimonials

Here is what some of our customers have to say!
"THE BEST FACIAL OIL I HAVE EVER USED. I have been using facial oils for years. This facial oil DOES absorb into the skin and never leaves me feeling greasy or oily. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth. I use morning and night. I also use this on my neck and chest area. Wonderful product". WC

"Absolutely wonderful soap. Leaves my skin feeling calm and so soft. Not greasy, not drying, just naturally clean and smooth." WC

"Another masterpiece from the best soap maker, ever!" DM

"I will definitely be purchasing more. I check your store almost daily to see what you may have put up and I have showed off your soaps to all my nursing colleagues and have given some cards out.
Since giving up body wash and using your soap, I have had a dramatic improvement in my skin, the scaly excema spots are gone, the acne flare ups occur rarely now and blackheads are shrinking, overall my skin is more hydrated, clearer and softer. I also feel great that there is no plastic waste!
I probably have already told you this, but my excitement is still fresh over the product. I haven't obsessed over anything in a while, but I am now." M

"I finally got around to the lovely soap (I had some cinnamon-India soap going on) and it is LOVELY! nice creamy lather and clean after-scent...
awesome!!" MH

"The beautiful hand made soaps arrived Saturday and went out the door just as quick as they came. Shared with family
and friends - they couldn't resist their beauty, no
additives, and of the course the wonderful aromas." KW

"I am so thrilled with my recent order! The bars are beautiful enough to display as art, delicious enough looking to eat and so dreamy creamy that you cannot resist using them as soon as you get them! My skin loves the thoughtful combination of ingredients that the creator uses to make soaps that caress and clean!" EC

" I have to tell you about how Larry is doing. All of his "rash/spots" are gone and he doesn't itch anymore. We used the Caramelized Honey - Smooth Oat Castile on him and it gently eliminated the dried, peeling skin without irritating the rash further. The Dr. said to use a mild soap and this was the best! Not only was i...t mild, but it moisturized (I think) the dried patches the rash left in it's wake. Wonderful stuff!!!! Thank you so much for recommending it! P.S. I’m not so sure the rest of my soap order is going to make it to the gift stage – they smell SO good…the ginger!!! It makes me sit and daydream." LA

"FYI - the "coffee" soap is sitting by my kitchen sink. It takes off anything I can get into in the garden, in the kitchen, cleaning, etc. I love the smell especially after I've been so very grimy." LPA

"Teresa - I received in the soaps today - Woodsblend and 5 Sandalwoods - thank you so much, BIG bars!! and the smell is divine, exactly what I wanted for the coming Fall!! Now for my weekly ritual, going to your site to make another "to buy" list - thanks for your awesome products - my family loves them!" KB

"First of all, I would like to Thank You for being the most wonderful Etsy Seller!
You are so professional! It was really nice of you to send me e-mails. I am just amazed at the quality of your soaps. The scent is just out of this world! I so look forward to seeing what you will create next. I can tell that you really love doing your craftsmanship. Your soap bars will be given out as gifts to all my friends. The way you ship is just stellar! Loved the Gold gift wrap. Please continue to amaze and create your fantastic soaps!" A.W.

"HUGE, fragrant and well made CP soap. I am glad to have more jasimine garden, candy cane is wonderful, night queen a surprise hit (thank you!), love cardamom masala and overall just thrilled with everything. This is a repeat order and I highly recommend this seller. She has a love of soapmaking and you will be pleased." N

"I am in LOVE with Angelic Soaps! Not only do they smell like heaven and make your skin so soft, but they are little works of art! Delivery was super quick. Will buy from them again. Two thumbs up, five stars, an emmy and an oscar go to Angelic Soap!" J
"The soaps are, as I've come to expect, divine.  Sandalwood, like Lavender, is a favorite scent of mine but ONLY when it's handled a certain way. I've smelled Sandalwood and Lavender things that I can't stand and they are both scents with subtle nuances that can make them smell old-fashioned, or bland, or lovely. Yours, of course, are fantastic. Sigh. I hoard your soaps like a squirrel and refuse to share them because they just make me feel luxurious in the shower. They really brighten my day or when I take a nighttime shower, as I prefer, I go to bed feeling relaxed, peaceful and surrounded by good vibes and good scents.

And now, I am going BACK to your shop to start another order...AGAIN. :)

Thank you!!!!" 
"I love your soap and I love your packaging....
and mostly I love our mutual friend Betsy Costello who gifted me a shea butter and a castile soap that you had made.
it is so creamy and soft to the skin...i love the way it rinses off... 
I have 6 little goats ..3 of which I milk...I have attempted three  2# batches of goat's milk soap...turns out brown every time!!!  soap making is truly an art...of which YOU have mastered!!"
"This soap is positively addicting" K.S., (New York)