We are highly trained visual artists who began making soap in 1999, when no soap or cleanser agreed with our sensitive skin. Angelic Soap reflects our love of visual beauty and evidence of the human hand conveyed in the rustic, aesthetic appeal of each bar.

Angelic Soap is a small business that takes pride in creating limited edition batches of handcrafted, artisanal soap made in America. Our customer service and quality control is top rate. Because of our self-imposed high standards, Angelic Soap will not compromise quality for quantity – ever.

We honor tradition and our ancestors by making our real soap from scratch, using the time-honored methods of hot and cold process. The difference between Angelic Soap and our Great Grandmother’s old fashioned lye soap is that Angelic Soap uses premium ingredients for an end product that is as every day luxury, beneficial to the senses and the spirit.

Angelic Soap strives to preserve the environment, as Mother Nature is our generous and gracious benefactor. We walk our talk by practicing Eco-friendly lives. We also insist on Fair Trade, sustainable oils and butters. We buy local organic products as much as possible.

We are practicing vegetarians who love animals and all beings, so our soap reflects our lifestyle. Except for the odd milk or honey batch, all Angelic Soaps are vegan.

With your first purchase and use of Angelic Soap, you will know that our products are unique. We are Lightworkers, healers and hedonists. We possess knowledge in many different healing modalities – Reiki, homeopathy, Ayurveda, herbalism, root work and aromatherapy. We also walk in different spiritual paths that utilize sacred herbs, roots, oils, infusions, resins and rituals.

Each bar of Angelic Soap represents centuries-old secrets and wisdom. We are grateful and privileged to share our knowledge and gifts with you!